AK Dans discusses their recent protest in Juba, arrest, activism, comedy & more: The Weekly Review

Published on 10th April 2021. YouTube link:

In this episode, Roger Alfred Yoron Modi, The Weekly Review’s Producer and Host discussed the protest in Juba involving several activists including this episode’s guest comedian and activist Akau Jambo Puondak, also known as AK Dans.

AK Dans is one of the 22 activists arrested and reportedly beaten together with others by the police on the day of the protest. He is from AnaTaban, a campaign and movement started some years ago by young South Sudanese creatives to support the ‘taban/tired’ people of South Sudan. The late artist Trisha C aka Beatrice Cosmas whose death hours after the tragic accident last week sparked the protest was AK Dans colleague at AnaTaban. Due to what appeared to be inadequate preparations and coordination, the demands of the protesters on the date of the varied but majorly included better health services and traffic measures.

“It’s not even about comedy, music or anything like that. It’s about right and wrong: the humanity in us. We need to know between right and wrong. We need to stand up for what is right. If you see something wrong: act, talk. Do not wait for it to pass by you and then complain. Let’s stand up for what is right. We are all humans,” AK Dans said yesterday on The Weekly Review.

The show also touched on the impact/achievements of the protest; lessons from the protest; Anataban’s activism, how AK Dans remembers Trisha C; what’s next for the group and their move to launch “a blood drive in memory of” Trisha C and their call for their “friends and fans to turn up in big numbers to donate blood and make sure no other South Sudanese ever has to die due to lack of blood.” Further, the episode touched on AK Dans Comedy, Activism and more.