Artists Silver X & Abul Oyay discuss South Sudanese Art & Impact: The Weekly Review

Published on 10th June 2021. YouTube Link:

In this episode, Roger Alfred Yoron Modi hosted Silver X and Abul Oyay.

Silver X is a singer, rapper, creative performer and winner of so many awards. The U.S. magazine Foreign Policy included Silver X as one of its 100 “top global thinkers” in 2014 after he composed the song “Let’s Stand Together.” The song which featured many South Sudanese musicians from diverse backgrounds called upon South Sudanese leaders to stop conflicts and rebuild the Country.

Abul Oyay is a South Sudanese painter, founder of the Baobab Art Foundation and a founding member of Anataban, a collective of creatives in South Sudan who use their art as a platform for youth to demand peace and justice in South Sudan. Abul has held exhibitions in the US, UK, South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya. She contributed to the book cover of No Time to Mourn, An Anthology by 41 South Sudanese Women.

The program looked at the impact of South Sudanese artists, the opportunities that are available for them to bring positive change, the challenges artists face and how to improve the environment and work of artists (copyrights, etc.).