Dr Peter Biar discusses his US Senate Testimony & way forward for South Sudan: The Weekly Review

Published on 18th March 2021. YouTube link:

In this episode, Roger Alfred Yoron Modi interviewed Dr Peter Biar Ajak on his US Senate Testimony & way forward for South Sudan.

Dr. Biar said:
“I really want the people of South Sudan to understand that when I call for elections, this is really the only option left for us to take care of our situation, our country, and determine the future that we want. Salva Kiir and Riek Machar have a choice to make: either they organize elections, they make the tough decision, they unify their militias into a national army, they do the census, they promulgate a new Constitution and people vote or if they continue to drag their feet and create the toxic environment which they have created for so long, then the world will find a way to help South Sudan move past them. So, it’s important that people of South Sudan are part of this conversation, they make their aspirations known to the world and to their leaders. And I want the people of South Sudan to remember their journey. This journey has never been easy. During the time of the war [for Independence], the sacrifices we made were enormous, and I know the situation in the Country seem desperate and people wonder sometimes why bother? Why even try to do something when nothing is going to change? I assure you my people: something will change. And you have shown time and again when you are united, when you are focused, you change things. And I believe this time we are going to change our Country. And we are going to begin building that kind of Country that we dreamed of when we went to the bush and opposed the tyranny, the crime, the human rights violations and corruption of the Arabs regimes.”