On the new book by Forty One (41) South Sudanese Women: The Weekly Review

Published on 30th January 2021. YouTube:

In this episode of The Weekly Review, Roger Alfred Yoron Modi interviwed Bigoa Chol, a Writer and Curator and Emmanuella Eresto, a Journalist, both are among the Forty One (41) South Sudanese Women who have shared their stories in the book: No Time to Mourn, edited by Hilda Twongyeirwe and Elizabeth Ashamu Deng. The show focused on the book and issues affecting women. A description of the book says: “No Time to Mourn is a collection of short stories, poems, artwork and photography penned, produced and presented by South Sudanese women. It reflects the lives of the women writers and artists, and at the same time gives voice to the very real lived experiences and lives of every woman of South Sudanese heritage. The ideas and experiences in this book span decades they straddle borders, they cross continents and describe events that are hard to imagine, even with some knowledge of South Sudan’s history. It is hard not to be moved as you read what many of these authors have lived through as they strive to achieve those basic of human rights: life, liberty and security. Through this book, we learn more about the cost of war and the value of peace, and how they affect women’s abilities to found a home, bear and raise children, stay healthy and safe, secure education for themselves and their children, seek professional fulfilment and even fall in love, all while navigating society’s often narrowly defined gender roles.”