South Sudan starts new Constitution-making Route: The Weekly Review discusses the process & major concerns

Published on 30th May 2021. YouTube link:

President Salva Kiir officially launched the “Permanent” Constitution-making process workshop under the theme “designing the path to a durable constitution for South Sudan.”

In this episode, Roger Alfred Yoron Modi hosted Advocate Juma Mabor Marial and Edmund Yakani. Mabor who holds LLB, LLM, MA- is Program Coordinator for Peace building, Justice and Reconciliation at ALARM (NNGO), South Sudan. He’s also Secretary to Sub-committees on the Judiciary and Financial Matters at the National Constitutional Review Commission (NCRC), the one yet to be reconstituted.

Yakani is a Civil Society Activist and Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO).

The three-day workshop convened by the Reconstituted Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission RJMEC and facilitated by the Max Planck Foundation for International Peace and Rule of Law is part of the implementation of the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan R-ARCSS. The aim of the workshop which according to R-ARCSS was supposed to be convened for the Parties to the R-ARCSS by the RJMEC during the fourth month of the Transitional Period, is to agree on the details of conducting the Permanent Constitutional-making process.

Article 6.7 of the R-ARCSS says, “the outcome of the workshop shall form the basis for drafting the legislation to be enacted to govern the Constitution-making process.”

Without mentioning details, a statement from RJMEC quoted RJMEC Interim Chairperson Maj Gen Charles Tai Gituai saying delegates at the workshop reached “an agreement on the details of the Permanent Constitution-making process, including on drafting of the constitution, mandate and composition of the reconstituted National Constitutional Review Commission (NCRC), composition of the Preparatory Sub-Committee for the convening of the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) and its convening, modalities for robust public participation and sequencing of the agreed tasks.”

He also said the report of the workshop will be presented to the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity.

While President Kiir in his speech during the lauch stated that it’s “absolutely critical” that the “Permanent” Constitution reflects the aspirations of the people of South Sudan for freedom, equality, justice and prosperity and while there has been no convincing reasons or justification for blocking the press from attending the workshop, the last two days of the workshop went on behind closed doors with a lot of difficulties for the media to reliably verify and report to the public facts and information coming from or about the workshop.

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