Anyieth D’Awol discusses the book A SHARED STRUGGLE – THE PEOPLE & CULTURES OF SOUTH SUDAN: The Weekly Review

Published on 8th July 2021. YouTube Link:

In this episode, Roger Alfred Yoron Modi interviewed Anyieth D’Awol, a human rights lawyer, artist and Mind-Body Medicine practitioner. Anyieth is the director and founder of the Roots Project, an organization that works in 3 part mission of economic, social and cultural empowerment of women; promoting cultural knowledge and preservation and building a peaceful community of respect and understanding between different South Sudanese communities.

The show discussed the book titled A SHARED STRUGGLE, THE PEOPLE & CULTURES OF SOUTH SUDAN, EDITED BY TIM MCKULKA, as well as other related issues.

The book was published by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, South Sudan and the United Nations Mission in South Sudan UNMISS. Anyieth D’Awol is one of the authors of the essays in the book.

An extract from the book reads: “Pieces of the nation’s history are scattered in archives, footlockers, family albums and dusty boxes of slides around the nation and the world. It is hoped that this book will serve as impetus for the further collection and dissemination of the nation’s history and cultural diversity for the benefit of all South Sudan’s people.”