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On book amends & a message to Widows and Survivors of 1992 Massacre

By Roger Alfred Yoron Modi, 6th June 2022

Can be a book be adjusted, amended, edited, re-edited, recalled, or through a new edition (a new edition can be published with amends or clarifications)?

These have been some of the questions some with various concerns have been asking regarding my book FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION & Media Laws in South Sudan, its dedication part (in Page 5).  Those concerns, simply about parts of that dedication, not the book and its contents, a book widely appreciated.

Many who follow me and know that I as the author of the book with full rights to the book, also know that I recently made public:

-That Book can present information and reports about facts, observations, analysis, opinion of the Author, that that should not be misunderstood to be a ruling of a competent court of law.

-That information in books can be adjusted, amended, edited, re-edited, recalled, or through a new edition (a new edition can be published with amends or clarifications).

-That facts and documentations have been made about the time, circumstances including mental health challenges (and medication I was taking) when I completed and published the book, as well as efforts I have rightfully made and continue to make so far regarding adjusting the dedication part (in page 5 of the book) that I shall complete and shall be made known widely, accordingly.

Regarding all that and related issues: Context

  1. Not right indeed for some to view parts of that dedication as a sort of cornering (political, legal or others). Matters that need competent court of law are for and should be for competent court of law, as book is no such or a Ruling. Enforcement of rights,  can be done, rightfully and legitimately, beyond merely a dedication part of a book or a piece of writing, including minor grammar edits.
  2. The adjustments I’m making, which is in the Third Point in the dedication Part, shall be made widely public, it read as follows: “…For the memory of my father Alfred Yoron Modi, a journalist and Chairman of the Justice and Peace Committee of the Catholic Archdiocese of Juba who was disappeared since his 1992 arrest and detention together with hundreds of others at the infamous Juba “White House,” the detention center that is also known for what is popularly known as the 1992 Juba “White House” Massacre when the Sudan was still one under the Khartoum-based regime. In his last letter to his family from the infamous Juba “White House” detention cells, my father wrote: “My fate of survival may no more be there as of today. However, I urge you to take courage and live normally. You will be briefed about the cause of my disappearance which is regarding working for the protection of our human rights in the Church, the South and the Country at large. I have never committed any other crime at all in God… My accuser has won his battle……Pauline [the mother of his son, the author of this book] you can brief (Rev) Sr. Rejina Achen who will brief H.G Lukudu [Archbishop Paulino Lukudu Loro] about my military trial as a result of the Church activity. I have never been involved in the recent [an unreadable word] at all in God. I may only be forgiven by going to prison, otherwise, God Bless you.”

To the Widows and Survivors:

Last week, Radio Bakhita published a post on its Facebook Page, that reads: “Widows and Survivors of the 1992 Massacre discussing about the fourth coming communication scheduled for Monday the sixth of June 2022.

The event will take place at Nyakuron Cultural Center under the theme: A father to the fatherless, defender of widows, is God in His Holy Dwelling.” (Psalms 64:5-6).”

Well, not to speculate on what that communication shall be, however, some points I would like reiterate are that:

– It is true that increasingly, justice and approach to justice need to be from victims/victim’s, as a matter of protection and promotion of human rights and related issues, also with possible and legitimate improvements for such objectives.

-Also true that matters of Transitional Justice Mechanisms provided for in the R-ARCSS under which the current (Revitalized) Transitional Government of National Unity  operates, indeed can be improved on, taking into consideration the history and reports of injustices, human rights violations and related issues.   In recent debates I participated on publicly, as well as on publications on this my website, I expressed views about those possibilities.

Best Wishes for all.

Roger Alfred Yoron Modi, a South Sudanese journalist, is the author of the book Freedom of Expression and Media Laws in South Sudan.  He is also the Producer and Host of The Weekly Review: Making Sense of Relevant Topics and News. For more, keep in touch with this his website

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