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South Sudan 24-Months Transition: What Needs Harmony?

By Roger Alfred Yoron Modi, 7th August 2022

There is the recent unanimous agreement by the R-ARCSS Parties for extension by 24-Months of the Transition Period. Also that the same, including the Speech of the President have been adopted and approved by Cabinet.

So far, regarding the arguments being made in support and or against those moves, by South Sudanese, Regional and International stakeholders, bodies and actors involved, they have been more or less revolving over same issues that have time and again dominated the nature of this incomplete cycle of transition.

These include the several provisions and Chapters of the Agreement that remains partly or completely unimplemented; the nature of the extension/amendment process of the R-ARCSS; as well as improvement with those who differ on some, most or all that have been done.

A salient argument from the Minister of Defence Angelina Teny on Radio Miraya is that they be given the benefit of doubt, that, “You will know in the next 6 months if this is a genuine extension or politicians are playing games.”

With the extension (once a reality) set to start February 2023, indeed it can be obvious that the next few months shall make things more clearer.

A lot of literature are already public about the crises in South Sudan since Independence in 2011, the continued armed conflicts, and  how to complete the transition, repetition may not be good here, moving forward, what remains to be in harmony is how facts and truth can be applied for legitimate, right actions and approaches, including peace.

Roger Alfred Yoron Modi, a South Sudanese journalist is the Author of the Book Freedom of Expression and Media Laws in South Sudan, and Producer and Host of The Weekly Review: Making Sense of Relevant Topics and News. For more, more about his work on related topics of peace, justice and democratic transformation, visit his website ROGERYORONMODI.COM

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